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The company

Since its foundation in 1967, Lester represents excellence on resting solutions, a permanent innovation effort in order to achieve the highest product and service standards.

To get a Lester products means to trust its quality standards.

Lester’s philosophy is based on a very simple principle: a quality rest is crucial for a better life. Our health, our daily energy depends heavily on the way we rest, and our main concern is to make sure you have the perfect dreams.

Since the beginning, Lester’s principles have guided our activity, based on integrity, client focus, teamwork, innovation, productivity and leadership. We have developed our mission as a company: to build and sell mattresses and other resting related products, looking for the highest quality standards, with the best technology and the best team, compromised to achieve total satisfaction among our clients.

Our team of more than 200 people has a high level of qualification, and a total compromise with client satisfaction as the main point of activity, among with a deep knowledge on Lester´s values.

Our carefully designed factories are vertically integrated, where we make every single part that goes onto the products. Our factories in Puebla and Monterrey, as well as our modern distribution centre in Guadalajara, allow us to develop products ranked among the best resting systems in the world.